QR codes

What is the QR code:
These small QR codes help you with your mobile phone as a mat you can find information about an object of interest – you will not remember the name, its search through a search engine and browse through hundreds of search results. Scanning a QR code will be immediately directed to a Web page with a detailed description of the place of interest.

How to scan the QR barcode:
To read the QR code, you need a phone with an internet connection (GSM / Wi-Fi) and the camera. In your phone, open the barcode scanning application and point to the QR code. Alternatively, the program automatically scans the code, or will need to press the scan (shooting) button.

How to install barcode scanning program if you do not have it:
simplest would be to use the most widely-spread barcode reader phones i-nigma. Your phone’s web browser go to the page at www.i-nigma.mobi , there will be recognized for your phone model and offered to download the i-nigma barcode reader version.